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Series Descriptions

Series Descriptions

The Papers of Bob Bullock are arranged in five series: Campaign Materials, Comptroller, Lieutenant Governor, Media, and Personal.

Campaign Series

Series I. Campaign Materials, 1974-1997; bulk 1990 (66 boxes , 33 linear ft.)

Arranged chronologically into seven subseries: 1974 Campaign, 1978 Campaign, 1982 Campaign, 1986 Campaign, 1990 Campaign, 1994 Campaign, and Post-January 1995. Each of these sub-series may contain the same types of information: campaign materials, correspondence, election materials, endorsements, financial materials, invitations, issue files, itineraries and trip declines, memorabilia, Mosbacher (see Scope and Content note), notebooks, poll information, and position papers. There are also large quantities of publicity information in the form of articles, brochures, news clippings, newsletters, press releases and publications, and reports. Only the 1990 Campaign contains the majority of the divisions listed above. The remaining campaign sub-series contain some of the divisions listed to lesser degree.

Comptroller Series

Series II. Comptroller, 1975-1990. (264 boxes, 132.25 linear ft.)

Arranged alphabetically into seven subseries: Correspondence, Issue Files, Itineraries, Notebooks, Policies and Procedures, Publications, and Reports. The Correspondence subseries is further divided into general, media, and staff correspondence. The Issue Files subseries is divided into general, education, and redistricting. The Notebooks subseries is divided into Comptroller media books and others. The largest sub-subseries is titled Publications and consists of Fiscal Notes, newsletters, and other publications. The Itineraries subseries, Policies and Procedures subseries, and Reports subseries are not further divided into smaller sections.

Lieutenant Governor Series

Series III. Lieutenant Governor, 1991-1999. (1068 boxes, 526.25 linear ft.)

The Lieutenant Governor Series is arranged chronologically by legislative session into six subseries: 1991-72nd Legislature, 1992-72nd Legislature, 1993-73rd Legislature, 1994-1996 73rd and 74th Legislature, 1997-75th Legislature, and 1998-75th Legislature. See notes regarding 1994-1996 subseries. Much like the Campaign Series, there are divisions that do not occur in all subseries. The most comprehensive set of divisions are: Administration which consists of Lieutenant Governor’s Office and State Office files, Correspondence which consists of alpha correspondence (general), form letters, legislators, elected officials, ex-elected officials, and staff. Other divisions are Issues and Travel (which includes itineraries and trip declines).

Media Series

Series IV. Media, 1971-1998. (260 boxes, 130 linear ft.)

Arranged alphabetically by type and further divided into seven subseries: Audio Media (cassette tapes, dictaphone tapes, and audio reels), Digital Media (CD ROM, DVD and computer backups), Microfilm (divided into Comptroller Reels, Lieutenant Governor Reels, and Media Reels), Newspaper Clippings and Press Releases, Political Cartoons, Speeches, and Visual Media which includes film and videos.

Personal Series

Series V. Personal, (1917-2003; bulk 1970-1999). (600 boxes, 302.25 linear ft.)

Arranged alphabetically by subject, with some chronological arrangement within certain subsreies, this series consists of ten subseries that include Awards-Certificates-Plaques, Biographical Materials, Correspondence, Jan Bullock, Memorabilia, and Museum. Notebooks, Publications, Photographs, and Scrapbooks make up the rest of the ten subseries. All subseries are further divided into sub-subseries with the exception of Jan Bullock, Memorabilia, and Museum, which do not have further designations within the series.