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Lieutenant Governor Series

The Lieutenant Governor Series (526.25 linear feet) is divided into six subseries and is arranged chronologically by year and legislative session: 1991-72nd Legislature, 1992-72nd Legislature, 1993-73rd Legislature, 1994 to 1996-73rd and 74th Legislature, 1997-75th Legislature, and 1998-75th Legislature. During the years 1992-1995, the Texas Capitol entered an interior restoration and expansion phase of the Texas Capitol Extension and Restoration project. The Lieutenant Governor’s office (along with other offices in the Capitol) was relocated to allow for the interior work to the Capitol. During this time of relocation, the Lieutenant Governor’s office combined the files from the 1994-73rd and 74th Legislature (1995 & 1996) together.

In the first subseries, 1991-72nd Legislature, the section divisions are Administration, Correspondence, Issue and Travel. The Administration files are further divided into Lieutenant Governor’s Office, containing administrative and staff files, and State Office, containing files on agencies/departments, boards, commissions, committees, Senate committees, lobbyists/associations and public service. The public service files refer to files pertaining to agencies and boards on which Bullock served without making other appointments.

The Correspondence section of the 1991 subseries is the largest section of the subseries. It consists of Alpha correspondence (general), Form Letters, Legislator’s correspondence (Texas Senators and Representatives), Elected Officials correspondence (Texas Elected Officials, U.S. Senators, U.S. Representatives, and the President), Ex-Elected Officials (Ex-Senators, Ex-Representatives, Ex-Elected officials) and Staff correspondence. These correspondence files contain typical correspondence materials such as letters with the corresponding attachments. When possible, larger publications were removed with a separation sheet and cataloged. See note on access restriction.

A two volume DVD of Bullock’s Correspondence also came with the collection, containing 63,000 pieces of correspondence indexed on DVD A and 62,959 on DVD B. The correspondence on the DVD’s are arranged alphabetically with names beginning with “A”-“Lac” on DVD A and names beginning with “Lac”-“Y” on DVD B. These DVD’s are only a portion of the total correspondence files available in the Bullock Collection in hard copy form. This DVD set is searchable by name, keyword, and subject index, and some pieces of correspondence have links to the actual image of the original document as well as a link to an image of the reply Bullock sent, though not every piece of correspondence will have both images. The date range on the DVD’s is from 1991-1998 and they are use-restricted.

The Issue section contains much the same type material as the Correspondence section except the material is filed and arranged by issue topic rather than alphabetically by name. The Issue section of the 1991 subseries contains 208 different divisions. A small sampling of the issues one can find in this Issue section would include: agriculture, budget, criminal justice, environment, finance, Health and Human Services, income tax, labor, redistricting, utilities and veterans. All manner and formats of materials are found in the issue files, and once again, if applicable, publications were pulled and cataloged. Specific notebooks were found in the materials, and were left intact. These include notebooks on legislative issues for 1993 and 1995, special meeting notebooks Bullock would prepare for particular meetings and seven notebooks on the issue of Income Tax dating 1991-1992. The Travel section consists of itineraries and trip declines in the form of itinerary summaries and lists.

The remaining subseries in the Lieutenant Governor’s Series, 1992-72nd Legislature, 1993-73rd Legislature, 1994-1996-73rd and 74th Legislature, 1997-75th Legislature, and 1998-75th Legislature are arranged the same way as the 1991-72nd Legislature subseries. This arrangement in the Lieutenant Governor’s Series is different from every other series in the collection except for Campaign, in that it starts over every legislative session. The materials arrived at BCPM arranged in this manner and this arrangement is also followed somewhat on the Lieutenant Governor Microfilm reels. Therefore, the arrangement was preserved in this particular order.

It is important to note that all sections and divisions of materials within the series may not be represented in each legislative session subseries. Different subseries within the seires were sometimes filed differently as well. For example, subseries 1992 contains correspondence from U.S. Senators and U.S. Representatives (under the Elected Official section of the Correspondence subseries) while the 1991 and 1993 subseries does not separate the two correspondence sections from one another and lists them together as simply Elected Official Correspondence. This example is true for other sections within the different subseries in the Lieutenant Governor’s Series. Also, different subseries may or may not contain the same issues within the Issue files. It will be best to consult the breakdown in the Lieutenant Governor’s Series Outline to discern whether the material one is looking for is available for that particular legislative session/year. The Lieutenant Governor’s staff also filed items in multiple places and it may be possible to find items in both issue files and correspondence files.

The Media Series of the Bullock Collection also contains reels of Lieutenant Governor’s correspondence on issues, and policies as well as administrative records and press releases. These are discussed in detail in the scope and content description of the Media Series.

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