Baylor University Poage Library

Access Restrictions

Certain portions of this collection can be accessed at the discretion of the Archivist only. These include the Comptroller General correspondence, staff/employee correspondence, Lieutenant Governor alpha correspondence, personal series correspondence, and the digital CD in the media and personal series. The family photograph notebooks and some biographical files are closed for a period of five years from the formal opening of the Bullock Collection in the summer of 2004.

While most of these records are open to the public beginning in July 2004, there are still materials in the collection, especially in correspondence, which will always be subject to the state's privacy laws. Therefore, some records may be withheld from the public after prior review by collection archivists at Baylor Collections of Political Materials, the Bullock Archive, the State Archives and at any of the other schools and universities holding Bullock papers.

The Bullock Correspondence DVD's contains information other than the subject of the particular piece of correspondence. Bullock kept mail logs on constituent mail which included dates of incoming mail and outgoing responses as well as names of spouses, places of employment, addresses and phone numbers. When scanned for the DVD's, this private information was often a part of the scanned document. Therefore, due to the private nature of this information, access to this DVD set is restricted to archivists and librarians.