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Bob Bullock Collection to Open at Baylor University

Southwestern Archivist, May 2004, p.20.

By Benna M. Ball, Bullock Archive Project Director

WACO - Baylor Collections of Political Materials will hold formal opening festivities for the Bob Bullock Collection on July 10, 2004, in the newly opened Mayborn Museum Complex on the campus of Baylor University. There will be an exhibit of Bullock materials in the Mayborn Museum where the reception and dinner will take place. The Collection, ranging from 1917-2003 with the bulk spanning 1972-1999, represents 40 years of political service and a life dedicated to the state of Texas.

Born in Hillsboro, Texas on July 10, 1929, Bob Bullock began his political career in 1956 when he represented Hill County in the Texas House of Representatives while pursuing a law degree from Baylor University. His political career went on to include service on the Texas State Historical Survey Committee from 1963-1965, assistant Attorney General from 1967-1968, aid to Governor Preston Smith from 1969-1971, Secretary of State from 1971-1972, Comptroller of Public Accounts from 1975-1990, and Lieutenant Governor of Texas from 1991-1999.

The majority of the Bullock Collection focuses on Bullock�s service during his Comptroller and Lieutenant Governor years and consists of correspondence, public documents, news clippings, and notebooks. Bullock was an innovator and problem solver who took the Texas Comptroller�s Office and completely overhauled it, turning it into one of the most efficient agencies in Texas. Some of Bullock�s exploits became the stuff of legend, such as raids by his �Bullock Raiders� on businesses owing delinquent taxes. It was soon evident to everyone that Bullock meant business. Upon election to Lieutenant Governor, Bullock brought his style of politics to the Texas Senate and was successful in achieving important legislative reforms and actions. Known for his bipartisan spirit, Bob Bullock�s only ruling guide was whether or not certain legislative actions were good for Texas. He did not want to hear that you were a Democrat or a Republican, only that you believed in Texas as he did. In Bullock�s Comptroller and Lieutenant Governor records the political policies and workings of this masterful and legendary politician are preserved.

Bullock�s Campaign materials are in the form of memorabilia, correspondence, endorsements, press releases, news clippings, notebooks, polls, opponents, and speeches and represent a wealth of insight into the growth and implementation of political campaigns. There are many other formats of materials in the Collection, such as cassette tapes, microfilm, video, CD Rom, political cartoons, and tape drives in the Media section. The Personal Series also contains numerous awards, certificates, and plaques, photographs, correspondence, personal memorabilia, notebooks, and scrapbooks rounding out the personal side of a lifelong politician and Texas statesman.

Collectively totaling approximately 1150 linear feet of material, the Bullock Collection serves as a legacy to the state of Texas. Bob Bullock was a political legend, and was often quoted as saying, �Only death will end my love affair with Texas.� In truth, this Collection and the countless ways in which it can teach and explain Texas politics and public policy in the last quarter of the 20th Century will only insure that Bullock�s love affair with Texas will live on.

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