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Quotes Related to the Papers of Bob Bullock

The Bob Bullock Collection is a touchstone for those wanting to understand the thoughts and actions of one of the most outstanding Texas political leaders in the last half of the 20th Century.   It will reinforce the notion that his legacy and history does continue his love affair with Texas.  [Introduction, Guide to the Bob Bullock Collection]

Tony Proffitt

Now new generations can come to Baylor to discover how he put the lessons he learned on this campus to work for his beloved Texas. The Bullock Archive would have made him as proud as it makes me. It's exactly how Bob would have wanted it. [Preface, Guide to the Bob Bullock Collection]

Jan Felts Bullock

Bullock was considered one of the most outstanding Texas political leaders of the 20th Century.  He was often compared to U.S. House Speaker Sam Rayburn and President Lyndon B. Johnson.  He was a legendary public official and noted for his political abilities and legislative skills.  His public career spanned more than 40 years and he was considered a principal architect of modern Texas government. [A Final Tribute, Guide the Bob Bullock Collection]

Tony Proffitt

“One a kind.” “Larger than life.” “A living legend.” –Such phrases are often used to describe Bob Bullock. A two-term lieutenant governor of Texas with a Baylor law degree. From his humble beginnings in Hillsboro to the heights of Texas politics in Austin, Bullock has carved out a reputation for resolutely getting things done, modernizing government, and never losing an election. [Texas Original, The Baylor Line, Winter 1999]

Michelle Kay

Bob Bullock was a native Texan first and last, one who loved the state and its heritage and recognized the need to preserve its history. A second generation Texan, he began to put that love for the state and its people to work with his early service on the State Historical Commission in the 1960s. His love for Texas and its history carried over to influence the preservation of his own records and the legacy of the 40 years he served the state. [“Collection History,” Guide to the Bob Bullock Collection, 2004]

Carolene English

“Bullock’s tr4ademark statement, ‘God Bless Texas,’ still rings true, and in truth, this Collections and the countless ways in which it can teach and explain Texas politics and public policy in the last quarter of the 20th Century will only insure that Bullock’s love affair with Texas will live on.”

Benna Ball, Bullock Archive Project Director “In 1993 when Bob Bullock began depositing his personal, political, and legislative papers at his beloved alma mater, Baylor University, he began laying the foundation for researchers of Texas history for years to come.  His papers not only provide a bridge between the administrations of governors Ann Richards and George W. Bush, but also document the life and legacy of one of the most colorful politicians in Texas history - Bob Bullock himself.”

Ben Rogers, Director, Baylor Collections of Political Materials