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Preface to the Guide to the Bob Bullock Collection

Jan Felts Bullockby Jan Felts Bullock

It is only fitting that the record of Bob Bullock's service to the State of Texas should come to rest at Baylor, where he learned the skills and habits he practiced throughout his career.

Baylor Law instilled his lawyer's need to gather his evidence, write a brief, create a record, prepare for trial.

He was still a law student at Baylor when he was first elected to put these skills to work representing Hill County in the Texas House of Representatives in 1956. From here, he went on to devote his restless energy and insatiable curiosity to his lifelong clients, the people of this state.

He loved Texas and Texans. He learned a lot more about the people and the state he loved when he got into his car and drove to every one of 254 county seats in 1974 during his first statewide campaign to be elected State Comptroller.

Bob never stopped traveling across our state. Many times I went with him as he met and came to know people in every nook and cranny from the Red River to the Rio Grande, Texarkana to El Paso. He knew their names, their children and their parents. And he cared what became of each of them.

He carried on active correspondence with thousands of these Texans who learned to expect a letter from him a few days after each time they met. These letters, preserved for history, written to ordinary Texans, to Senators, Representatives, Governors and Presidents, touched on every issue large and small in a time when Texas was growing from a small town, rural society into a 21st Century giant.

He didn't mince words, and he made his positions clear. Through boom times and bust, Bob's test was always the same: Is it good for Texas?

As a legislator, an administrator and state official, Bullock hired the best people he could find and worked them as hard as they could bear. He demanded their best, and he never gave any less. Their work is preserved here too.

Now new generations can come to Baylor to discover how he put the lessons he learned on this campus to work for his beloved Texas. The Bullock Archive would have made him as proud as it makes me. It's exactly how Bob would have wanted it.