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Scope and Content

The Don Adams Papers cover the years 1969-1977, and consist of correspondence, documents and news clippings documenting Adams career in the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate. Included are files relating to political campaigns, legislation, committee work, and office administration.

The 1970s were a period of reform and change within the Texas Legislature in particular and the state government in general. Important events during this time included: the Sharpstown Banking scandal which led to a variety of legislative reforms signaling for many the end of an era of legislative politics; the attempt at revising Texas 100 year old constitution, and the impeachment hearings of a Supreme Court Justice, Don Yarborough.

In Austin, Don Adams was a well-regarded legislator who often just missed Texas Monthly's list of the Ten Best Legislators. Historically, perhaps the greatest value of Adams Papers is the documentation of a hard-working Texas legislator. The papers illustrate the range and breadth of the kinds of activities that an average legislator engages in, including the enormous amount of legislation that must be considered in the short 4 month legislative biennial session.

  • Budget
  • Constitutional Revision
  • Environment
  • ERA
  • Establishment of the Site of Mission dolores de los Ais
  • Fireman's Pension
  • Impeachment of Don Yarborough
  • Public Welfare
  • Re-regulated Loans
  • State Employees
  • Texas Family Code