The designation of physical parts of a resource in a detailed form.


"part" is used to provide detailed coding for physical parts of a resource. It may be used as a top level element to designate physical parts or under relatedItem. It may be used under relatedItem for generating citations about the location of a part within a host/parent item. When used with relatedItem type="host", "part" is roughly equivalent to MARC 21 field 773, subfields $g (Relationship information) and $q (Enumeration and first page), but allows for additional parsing of data. There is no MARC 21 equivalent to "part" at the "mods" level.

To indicate part names and numbers that are subordinate to the title as distinct intellectual items, use "title" with "partName" and/or "partNumber". When there is a separate intellectual entity with its own identity that is part of a larger work, use "relatedItem type="host"" "part" to show the location of the part within that host item.

Subelements: detail

Application: "detail" contains numbering and type of designation of the part in relation to the host/parent item in which a host item resides.

  • Subelements
    • number - Contains the actual number within the part.
    • caption - Contains the caption describing the enumeration within a part. This may be the same as type, but conveys what is on the item being described.
    • title - Contains the title of the part. Only include if this is different than the title in "titleInfo" "title".

Application: "extent" contains the measured units making up the part, such as pages, minutes, etc.

  • Subelements
    • start - Contains the beginning unit of the extent within a part (e.g., first page).
    • end - Contains the ending unit of the extent within a part.
    • total - Contains the total number of units within a part, rather than specific units.
    • list - Contains a textual listing of the units within a part (e.g., "pp. 5-9".)

Application: "date" contains date information relevant to the part described.


Application: "text" contains unparsed information in textual form about the part. When used in relatedItem type="host", it is equivalent to MARC 21 field 773 subfield $g.