Definition: Information that identifies other resources related to the one being described.

"relatedItem" includes a designation of the specific type of relationship as a value of the type attribute and is a controlled list of types enumerated in the schema. "relatedItem" is a container element under which any MODS element may be used as a subelement. It is thus fully recursive.

"relatedItem" is equivalent to several fields in MARC 21. It includes the following:

  • name/title added entries (fields 700, 710, 711 that include subfield $t); type="constituent"
  • series statements (fields 490, 8XX); type="series"
  • linking entry fields (fields 76X-78X); various types
  • original version note (field 534); type="original"

Since "relatedItem" may include any MODS element as a subelement, it may describe a constituent item if that is desired. This may be suitable, for instance, for complex objects that require specific descriptive information for constituent parts, but that are considered intellectually one object (e.g. an opera (one object): act, scene, song (constituents)). Many of the MODS elements used here as subelements have mappings in the MARC 21 76X-78X fields, while others do not.


Since any MODS element may be used under "relatedItem", the following subelements may be used. See the definitions in the guidelines under applicable top-level elements. Although all MODS elements are defined here, for purposes of interoperability, deep recursion may be counter-productive.

  • titleInfo
  • name
  • typeOfResource
  • genre
  • originInfo
  • language
  • physicalDescription
  • abstract
  • tableOfContents
  • targetAudience
  • note
  • subject
  • classification
  • relatedItem
  • identifier
  • location
  • accessCondition
  • part
  • extension
  • recordInfo