Definition: A designation of the language in which the content of a resource is expressed.
Comment: "language" is a wrapper for "languageTerm". It may also be expressed in conjunction with each element in a MODS encoding by means of the xml:lang and/or lang attributes to designate the language used in the metadata value; see section on language for more information.
Subelements: languageTerm

Application: "languageTerm" contains the language(s) of the content of the resource. It may be expressed in textual or coded form. If in coded form, the source of the code is contained in the value of the authority attribute. If no authority is given, it is assumed that the content is textual. (Alternatively, instead of using a textual form, the content may be in coded form with an authority attribute, and an XSLT stylesheet may be used to translate the code into a textual form.) If there is more than one representation of the same language, e.g. using different forms of the same language (code or text) or from different authorities, "languageTerm" is repeated within the "language" container. If the content of the resource is in more than one language, "language" is repeated.