Definition: The name of a person, organization, or event (conference, meeting, etc.) associated in some way with the resource.
Comment: "name" is a wrapper element that contains all subelements related to name information. It is equivalent to the MARC 21 1XX and 7XX fields or Creator and Contributor in Dublin Core.
Subelements: namePart

Definition: A word, phrase, character, or group of characters that constitutes the chief title of a resource (i.e. the title normally used when citing the resource).

Application: "namePart" includes each part of the name that is parsed. Parsing is used to indicate a date associated with the name, to parse the parts of a corporate name (MARC 21 fields X10 subfields $a and $b), or to parse parts of a personal name if desired (into family and given name). The latter is not done in MARC 21. Names are expected to be in a structured form (e.g. surname, forename).


Application:"displayForm" is used to indicate the unstructured form of the name. It includes a name as given on the resource. For some applications, contractual agreements require that the form of the name provided on the resource be provided. This data is usually carried in MARC 21 field 245 subfield $c, although the latter may include other information in addition to the display form of the name. If part of an entire statement of responsibility, it may be indicated in a note (with type="statement of responsibility") along with any other text in the statement of responsibility and also repeated here if desired.


Application: "affiliation" contains the name of an organization, institution, etc. with which the entity recorded in "name' was associated at the time that the resource was created. It may also contain other elements that are part of the affiliation, such as email address, street address, job title, etc.


Definition: A term(s) that designates the relationship (role) of the entity recorded in name in relation to the resource.

Application: "role" is a wrapper element that may contain a value in coded or textual form. "role" is equivalent to a MARC relator code or its textual form.

roleTerm (subelement of role)

Application: "roleTerm" contains the textual or coded form of a relator/role. An authority should be indicated if using a coded form for role. If the textual form is from a controlled list (e.g., the MARC relators list), an authority attribute may be indicated (but is not mandatory). If both a code and a term are given that represent the same role, use one "role" and multiple occurrences of "roleTerm". If different roles, repeat "role" "roleTerm".


Application: "description" may be used to give a textual description for a name when necessary, for example, to distinguish from other names. This element does not have a MARC 21 equivalent.