Publication Info

Existing Publisher

Transcribe any organization or person (usually only if self-published) that is responsible for making the described resource publicly available.  This includes not only the publisher’s name, but also the place of publication.  For example this can be publishing house, professional organization, government agency, academic institution, a person, etc.   NOTE: The publishing place and publisher can be in one field or can be in separate fields depending on what metadata schema you are working in.

(Below are prescribed places where a publisher can be found.)

  • Text: title page, cover, publisher on finding aid, spine label, verso of title page, statements at end of document;

  • Sound Recording: disc/cassette label, container, insert;

  • Video Recording: title screen, disc/videocassette label, container, credits;

  • Scores: title page, cover, spine label, verso of title page, statements at end of documents, publisher on finding aid;

  • Image: name on back of image, caption, container, publisher on finding aid;

  • Maps: cartographic item itself; title page; container;

  • Cultural Object: object itself, label, accompanying textual material, container, publisher on finding aid;

  • Computer Files: title screen, website, container, accompanying manual.

No Publisher

If there is no information available about either the place of publication or the publisher’s name leave publisher blank.

  • Ex. Publisher: [leave blank]

Formatting a Publisher

  • Transcribe the place of publication followed by the publisher’s name.

    • Separate the place of publication and the publisher’s name with a colon

      • Ex. London: Taylor & Francis.

    • Place of Publication

      • Only list the city if it is well known

        • Ex. London

      • If the city is not well know, qualify it with the abbreviated form of the country, state, province, territory, etc.  Click here for those abbreviations.

        • Ex. Waco, Tex.

      • If the place of publication is found somewhere else besides the item itself, put it in square brackets [ ].

        • Ex. [Killeen, Tex.]

    • Publisher’s Name

      • Put the publisher name in direct order

        • Ex. Taylor & Francis.

      • If the publisher is a person’s name (self-publishing), keep it in direct order

        • Ex. Spencer Wright.

      • If the publisher’s name is a subordinate to another body, list the highest one first followed by the subordinate.

        • Separate the two entities with a period.

        • Ex. Baylor University. School of Business.

      • If the corporate name has anything to do with the government, put the name of the country, state, county, and city in front of the corporate body.

        • Abbreviate United States to U.S.

        • Ex.

          • U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

          • Texas Dept. of Agriculture.

          • McLennan County Budget Office.

          • Waco Water Utility Services.


Other Publisher

Other publication information can include distributors, manufacturers, and additional publishers that might have been responsible for publishing a derivative of the resource being described.  All this information goes into a note.