Existing Author

Transcribe the primary person or organization responsible for the intellectual or artistic content of the item.  Below are prescribed places where the author can be found.

  • Text: title page, cover, name on finding aid, spine label, verso of title page, statements at end of document;

  • Sound Recording: disc/cassette label, container, insert;

  • Video Recording: title screen, disc/videocassette label, container, credits;

  • Scores: title page, cover, spine label, verso of title page, statements at end of documents, name on finding aid;

  • Image: name on back of image, caption, container, title on finding aid;

  • Maps: cartographic item itself; title page; container;

  • Cultural Object: object itself, label, accompanying textual material, container, name on finding aid;

  • Computer Files: title screen, website, container, accompanying manual.

No Author

If an author’s name came not be found, do not input anything.

  • Ex. Author: [leave blank]

Formatting an Author’s Name

There are two types of authors: 1. Personal Name and 2. Corporate Name.

  • Personal Name

    • Definition: Name a person is commonly known by whether it’s their real name, pseudonym, title of nobility, nickname, initials, or another name.

    • Always invert a personal name: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME MIDDLE NAME.

      • Ex. Robinson, Cleophus.

      • Ex. Williams, Sarah Christine.

    • If the personal name is pretty common like John Smith add

      • birth/death dates if known

        • Ex. Smith, John, 1901- (only if birth date is known)

        • Ex. Smith, John, d. 1987. (only if death date is known)

        • Ex. Smith, John, 1901-1987. (only if both birth and death dates are known)

      • qualifier, only if birth/death dates are not known

        • Ex. Smith, John, photographer.

        • Ex. Smith, John, composer.

        • Ex. Smith, John, artist.

    • If a person is known mainly by their initials for the first and middle names, retain the initials with a space in between

      • Ex. Thomason, J. D.

      • Ex. Thomason, Jeff D.

      • Ex. Thomason, J. Douglas.

    • If a person’s last name is hyphenated, retain the hyphen

      • Ex. Jacob-Schwartz, Melissa.

    • If a person’s last name includes any articles or prepositions or a combination of both, keep the articles or prepositions with the last name

      • Ex. Van Buren, Jessica.

      • Ex. De la Rosa, Frederica.

      • Ex. D’Avers, Gretchen.

    • If there is a known title (Sir, Dr., Rev., Mrs., etc.) or a word indicating relationship following the surname (Jr., Sr., I, II, III, etc.), ignore these unless it meets one of the criteria below

      • If neither the full name (last, first middle) nor birth/death dates are known

      • If the name is common like John Smith and need to differentiate it from another similar name

      • Ex. Anderson, Rev.

      • Ex. Stevens, John H., Jr.

  • Corporate Name

    • Definition: Name a group is identified with and may act under as an entity.

    • A corporate body can be associations, institutions, business firms, nonprofit enterprises, governments, government agencies, projects, programs, religious bodies, conferences, ad hoc events, and vessels to name a few that would fall under this category.

    • Put the corporate name in direct order

      • Ex. Green World Association.

    • If the corporate name has a personal name in it do not invert the personal name keep it in direct order with the rest of the corporate name

      • Ex. F. G. Taylor & Co.

    • If the corporate name is a subordinate to another body, list the highest one first followed by the subordinate.

      • Separate the two entities with a period.

      • Ex. Baylor University. School of Fine Arts. Dept. of Music.

    • If the corporate name has anything to do with the government, put the name of the country, state, county, or city in front of the corporate body.

      • Separate the two entities with a period.

      • Ex. United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

      • Ex. Texas. Dept. of Agriculture.

      • Ex. McLennan County. County Budget Office.

      • Ex. Waco, Tex. Waco Water Utility Services.


Other Author

If other persons or organizations have a secondary role with the resource input them under contributor.