Finding Their Voice: Digital Literacy through Student Media Making

On Monday, March 27 at 3:30 p.m., Dr. Kyle Dickson, professor of English and director of the AT&T Learning Studio at Abilene Christian University, will address Baylor faculty and graduate students in a session entitled, "Finding Their Voice: Digital Literacy through Student Media Making," in the Dennis Campbell Innovative Learning Space on the second floor of Jones Library on the campus of Baylor University.

Dr. Dickson is a Baylor alumnus whose passion for innovative uses for technology in education has taken him to the forefront of this enterprise at his institution and beyond. "Our students produce media every day of their lives," Dickson said, "so the challenge is to tap the potential of educational media for sharing messages about their learning, research, or advocacy with global audiences."

Dickson's presentation will explore the emergence and increasing sophistication of digital media as a key to literacy among 21st-century students. He will suggest that in order to truly tap the potential of digital literacy, teaching faculty must become conversant with the language of the digital age and enable students to best read and speak this evolving language through engaging with and creating digital media.

"We are glad to have Dr. Dickson with us," said Tim Logan, Associate Vice President for Electronic Library. "I have been in conversations with him for some time, comparing notes between our two institutions. It is a genuine treat to welcome him home to challenge our faculty and graduate students regarding new forms of media, communication and education."

All current Baylor faculty are welcome to attend Dr. Dickson's presentation along with current graduate students. This presentation is sponsored by the Baylor Libraries and the Teaching, Learning and Technology faculty committee.