The Names Behind the Buildings Exhibit

"The Names Behind the Buildings: A Unique Perspective on Baylor History" tells the stories of the individuals and families whose names adorn structures across campus. Honorees include alumni, Baptist leaders, and friends who embraced the University's vision for Christian higher education. We pass these buildings every day, walk through their halls, learn and teach in their classrooms, study within their walls, and live in their rooms. Through the exhibit, we pause to remember those who dedicated themselves to building Baylor for future generations. By sharing stories of these servant leaders, we hope to inspire the Baylor community to continue to fulfill the mission to "educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service." The exhibit spans the Baylor Libraries, featuring different people and buildings in each library.

  • The Armstrong Browning Library features an exhibit about Dr. A.J. Armstrong and his formative vision behind today's Armstrong Browning Library.
  • Jones Library features a display of the Jones family and their contribution to the Baylor Libraries.
  • The Goodpasture Concourse of the Moody Memorial Library hosts the core of the exhibit, featuring not only the Moody family, but also others and their contributions to buildings across the Baylor campus.
  • The Texas Collection hosts an exhibit that features the Carrolls and the two buildings on the historic Baylor Quadrangle named for them.
  • W. R. Poage Legislative Library presents an exhibit about storied Texas congressman Bob Poage and his contributions to the Poage Library.
The Names Behind the Building exhibit will be on display through the Spring 2014 semester.