Pro Futuris announces that Baylor will continue to aspire to "produce research and creative work at the highest levels." The Baylor Libraries annually feature these endeavors in our Creations exhibit at the Moody Memorial Library.

The Libraries are in the process of collecting published articles, books, works of art and other academic contributions for this year's exhibit. If you have had something published from September 2013 through August 2014 and would like to be featured in this exhibit, please provide the requested information about your work using our online submission form by October 15, 2014. We will either contact you to collect the item or feature a copy of your work from our collections.

In addition, if you have a graduate student or an undergraduate student in your department who has authored or co-authored work published in the past year, we would also like to include that person's work in this year's exhibit in support of the university's initiative on student research. Each of these submitted projects requires a faculty sponsor who oversaw the work that was either published or presented. Please submit these pieces for the exhibit using the online submission form located at

We look forward to receiving your submissions and hope that you will come to Moody Memorial Library for a reception in your honor that will be announced later in the fall. If you have any questions, please contact Carol Schuetz by email at or by phone at (254) 710-4410.