Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley Collection

Purchased in June of 1991, the Ouseley Collection contains 297 books and scores from the library of Sir Frederick Arthur Gore Ouseley (1825-1889) and includes hymnals, anthems, cathedral books, organ music, part songs, madrigals, oratorios, and operas as well as books on music history, singing, organ construction, bell ringing, acoustics, and music theory.

Rev. Ouseley was an English church musician, scholar, and composer who established St. Michael's College, Tenbury in 1854. He was an outspoken proponent of fine church music. As a result of his efforts as a church musician, the parish church at St. Michael's became well known for its excellent service music. Ouseley was also a noted collector of music and books on music. The bulk of the collection dates from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.