Scheduling Collaborate in Canvas

NOTE: The "Collaborations" link in the course navigation menu is Canvas's integration of GoogleDocs, not Blackboard Collaborate.

The easiest way to schedule a Blackboard Collaborate session is through your Canvas course or organization. Follow these steps to create a Collaborate session in your course:

  1. Login to Canvas and click the course "Settings" link at the bottom of the lefthand navigation menu.
  2. Select the navigation tab and, in the list of disabled menu items at the bottom, enable or drag-and-drop the Blackboard Collaborate menu item to make it visible in your course navigation. Click "Save" at the bottom of the page when done.
  3. Click on the "Blackboard Collaborate" link in your course menu to schedule a new Collaborate session:

If you need to include outside participants in your session, you will be able to generate a Guest Link to send to anyone not affiliated with Baylor. You do not need to send an email invitation with a Guest Link to the students in your course since they will be able to join your session through Canvas.

After you have created and saved your Collaborate session in Canvas, you will see the guest link option in the "Information" tab in the Collaborate flyout menu.