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BearSpace is a network file storage system provided by the Electronic Library Client Services and Information Technology Services (ITS) to students, faculty and staff. BearSpace provides 5 gigabytes of disk space per person and allows an individual to store copies of important documents such as homework, notes, papers, and graphics on a system that is accessible from anywhere on the Internet.

What BearSpace is:

BearSpace provides Baylor students, faculty and staff connected to the Internet a place to store, retrieve, and share files (text, graphics, etc.) through a network file storage system. It is also a place to publish your personal website.

  • Files stored in BearSpace can be accessed from any computer on the Internet through a web browser.
  • Files stored in BearSpace can be shared with friends, colleagues, collaborators, project team members, and others, both on and off campus. Access can be read-only or read-write, providing for controlled access and collaborative editing.
  • Files stored in BearSpace can be tracked to see who has read the file and who has made changes to the file. BearSpace can even store multiple versions of a file to keep a history of revisions.
  • Files stored in BearSpace can be made accessible to the general public, providing a place for website files, either HTML or other documents associated with a website. Instructions for using Dreamweaver with BearSpace are available here.
  • Files stored in BearSpace are secured by BearID and password, and can be accessed by others only if the account owner gives permission. Access can be assigned by BearID for Baylor clients, by designated permission via an electronic ticket to individuals not associated with Baylor, or by general public access.

What BearSpace is not:

  • Not a place for instructors to store class notes – Blackboard does this well.
  • Not a place to share the latest ripped version of your favorite CD. Please remember that all use of Baylor's network and systems must comply with copyright laws. (See the ITS Network Usage Policy)

Instructions and Support

System Use

Accounts for BearSpace file services are limited to students, faculty and staff with a valid Bear ID. Once students graduate or leave Baylor for any other reason, they will lose access to their BearSpace account. Before leaving the university, download copies of your data to other media.

You are responsible for the integrity and availability of your data files. Always keep back-up copies of your data on additional media (i.e. local hard drive, CD-ROM, zip disk, etc.).

Rights and Responsibilities

By logging in and using this service you agree to comply with Baylor University’s Technology Systems Usage Policy and other University policies governing acceptable use of information technology, such as the Network Usage Policy. You also agree to abide with the terms of your Computer Account Agreement and state and federal laws. Failure to comply with service terms may result in a discontinuation of service and/or disciplinary actions. Failure to comply with applicable law could result in civil actions and/or criminal charges.