High Performance and Research Computing Services

HPRCS System Support
  • Kodiak Accounts

    Kodiak accounts are available to Baylor facutly, graduate and undergraduate students. To request an account, contact Mike_Hutcheson@baylor.edu and/or Brian_Sitton@baylor.edu. Students should have their faculty sponsor request the account on the student's behalf. Accounts are also available to non-Baylor individuals who are collaborating with Baylor researchers. Once your account is created, you should receive an email with your username and your account's initial password that you will use to log in to Kodiak.

  • Kodiak Beginner's Guide

    New users with little or no experience with Linux or Unix-like environments might want to first read the Kodiak Beginner's Guide. It discusses the basics needed to use Kodiak. Although it not meant to be a comprehensive tutorial on Linux usage, hopefully it will be enough for you to get started.

  • Kodiak User's Guide

    For information and instructions on compiling and running programs on Kodiak, see the Kodiak User's Guide. It goes into more detail on Kodiak's architecture, discusses compiling software, and submitting jobs to run on Kodiak using the batch system.
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