Silent, Quiet, and Active Zones

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Libraries today are dynamic places. They also serve as places of retreat and reflection. Baylor's Central Libraries attempt to balance these needs by designating areas as "Active," "Quiet," and "Silent" zones*.
  • Silent Zone
  • Quiet Zones
    • Jones Library, 2nd floor
      Note: At times scheduled classes and events in the Jones 200 flexible learning space will create some noise in this area. If you find the noise disruptive, please try another quiet study option.
    • Moody Library, 2nd floor
    • Moody Library, 3rd floor (stacks area only)
    • Crouch Fine Arts Library, Moody Library, 3rd Floor (1:00 - 3:00 a.m. on Sunday through Thursday during the fall and spring terms)
    • Quiet Study carrels, Moody Library, 2nd & 3rd floors - marked with green signs, these carrels are available on a 1st come basis
    • Day-Use carrels, Moody Library, 2nd floor - may be checked out by Baylor faculty, staff, and students (excluding Law) for use by the day. Request a carrel key at the Main Circulation Desk, Moody Library, 1st floor.
  • Active Zones
    • Jones Library, 1st floor
    • Starbucks Coffee/Allbritton Foyer, Moody Library, 1stfloor
    • Elevator lobbies, Moody Library, all floors
    • Group Study Rooms, Moody Library, 2nd floor
    • Moody Library, 1st floor
    • Moody Library, Garden (lower) Level
    • Study Commons, Moody Library, Garden Level
    • Crouch Fine Arts Library, Moody Library, 3rd Floor

You may also want to try the Armstrong Browning Library or The Texas Collection. Both of these beautiful special libraries offer quiet places for research and study.

If you have a complaint about excessive noise or other inappropriate library behavior in these quiet study areas, please call or text 254-265-2874

* We cannot guarantee perfect silence in the "Silent" zone, or constant quiet in the "Quiet" zone. Employees may need to talk to each other in these spaces for business reasons, sound may bleed through walls from adjacent "Active" areas, and people (like you!) using this space will generate some gentle noises (keyboard clicks, pages turning, an occasional cough, etc.). Please be patient with these minor interruptions.