Leadership Living Learning Center

LEAD Classes

All LEAD classes contribute toward a Leadership Minor

Students enroll in leadership course that ensure all LEAD graduates can:
 (1) Apply a variety of leadership theories to their leadership practice.
 (2) Critically examine their intra-personal leadership capacity.
 (3) Create inter-personal relationships across differences.
 (4) Evaluate systematic structures that support/impede social justice.

First year classes focus on foundation and development of leadership.
 • In the fall students enroll in LDS1301 - Introduction to Leadership
 • In the spring semester students enroll in CCS2301 - leadership and social change.

Second year classes focus on Application. In the fall semester, students enroll in one of the following 3000 level classes:
 • Informed Engagement
 • Peer Leadership
 • Christian Leadership in Residential Environments
 • Organization Management
 • Leading and thriving in transition

Third year courses focus on formation. In the fall students enroll in one of the following 3000 level courses:
 • Leadership Ethics
 • Leadership, Identity and Equity
 • Informed Engagement

Fourth year courses focus on integrating leadership theory and practice.
 • All student enroll in the capstone course Leadership for Social Action.

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