About the Leadership LLC


The Leadership Living Learning Center (LEAD LLC) is a four-year residential experience that challenges and equips students to live a more meaningful life, and to influence others to make a positive impact on their world. LEAD cultivates students' leadership ability by preparing them for and engaging them in hands on experiences and by providing continuous feedback and reflection on their leadership development.

Reprising Baylor's Leadership Fellows program, LEAD is one of Baylor's flagship living learning communities. LEAD intentionally connects Baylor's living and learning initiatives to its core commitment to leadership and service.

LEAD Staff and Student Exec 2015
Program Requirements

All incoming students are required to enroll in an introductory leadership course and complete at least 15 hours of community service.

Each student is also assigned to a mentor group led by an upperclass student leader. These groups help to promote and encourage the community atmosphere as well as allow students to learn and grow in their leadership abilities on a smaller, more personal scale.

Why a Living-Learning Center?

Research on living-learning communities has indicated such programs help students earn higher grades, become more satisfied with their college or university, have greater interaction with faculty and engage more often in academic related conversations with peers.

Living-Learning Centers are intentional about bringing together the social and academic forces at work shaping Baylor students. A Living-Learning Center offers students a dynamic educational and campus experience by placing them among peers with similar academic and vocational interests.

Believing that learning happens best in community, LEAD-LLC men will live together in Allen Residence Hall. LEAD-LLC women live together in adjacent Dawson Residence Hall.