Leadership Living Learning Center

Faculty In Residence

Faculty In Residence Dr. Jonthan Tran

Dr. Jonathan Tran

Dr. Jonathan Tran began his role as faculty-in-residence (FIR) for the Leadership Living-Learning Center (LEAD LLC) stationed in the Allen/Dawson halls at the beginning of Fall 2013. Dr. Tran began serving as a faculty-in-residence in 2011 and has served both Brooks Flats and the Global Community LLC in an exemplary manner. Dr. Tran's outgoing personality and welcoming family have helped to create a strong sense of community and support for residents. Most notably, Dr. Tran has hosted several discussions on important issues affecting students and the world around them, including microfinance, human trafficking, politics, Christianity and racism, surviving the Branch Davidian siege, and a program focused on raising awareness for sexual assault.

Dr. Tran comments, "Allen/Dawson and the LEAD LLC already have a great legacy born of the tremendous commitment, talents, and passions of prior generations of students, staff, and faculty. Our family is beyond thrilled to continue this good work and especially look forward to living life alongside Allen/Dawson's students and envisioning all the future holds for the LEAD."