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Community Engagement & Service Peer Leaders

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Community Engagement & Service Peer Leaders are a new subset that will be implemented in August 2014. Students in this leadership role will work with the Department of Community Engagement & Services located in Martin House.

Community Engagement & Service Peer Leader Requirements
-Enroll in LDS 3V01 - Leadership for Community Engagement and Service Course
-Serve as ambassador to student organizations
-Conduct at least 2 presentations a semester to campus groups on service & best practices
-Hold 2 office hours a week for scheduling, follow up, and communication with student organizations

Community Engagement and Service Program Benefits
-Apply theories of community engagement to your leadership practice
-Gain presentation experience and skills
-Evaluate service initiatives and encourage their effectiveness
-Build relationships with service organizations
-Gain experience and knowledge working in a Community Engagement Office
-3 hours Leadership course credit - can be used toward a Leadership Minor

Quotes We are excited about launching the community engagement and service peer leader program and creating leadership positions in service. There is something powerful about students challenging, equipping, and supporting other students as we work together toward positive and sustainable community partnerships. We are able to unleash the passion & creativity of our students in reaching out to their peers and creating a culture of responsible & informed engagement.
  - Erin Payseur, Associate Director, Community-Based Learning