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New Student Experience Peer Leaders

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As a New Student Experience (NSE) Peer Leader, upper-year students assist first-year students through their first semester at Baylor. Their role begins as early as Welcome Week and extends through the duration of the U/BU1000 course. The consistency of contact with first-year students allows NSE Peer Leaders to positively impact the students' experience as they enter Baylor's community.

Watch a video created by a student about her experience as a New Student Experience Peer Leader:

New Student Experience Peer Leader Requirements
- Serve as Welcome Week leaders
- Enroll in LDS 3V01 - Leadership for Student Success course
- Co-facilitate a U/BU1000 or New Student Experience Course
- Plan group activities throughout the semester
- Meet 1-on-1 with first-year students throughout the semester

Program Benefits
- Serve as a Welcome Week leader
- Build relationships with incoming students and mentor them
- Opportunity to learn by co-facilitating a college introductory course
- 3 hours Leadership course credit - can be used toward a Leadership Minor

Faculty Benefits
- Insight into the current campus culture
- Develop deeper relationships with your students as a result of the peer leader bond
- Assistance with creating and delivering lesson plans
- Mentor relationship with your peer leader

I can't describe what a positive impact the Peer Leader has on the classroom environment especially if the Peer Leader was the group's Welcome Week Leader. It creates a completely different and wonderful dynamic for the class. It also helps me as the instructor to glean feedback from a student perspective on what we are presenting to the class and what the Peer Leader thinks will best meet our students' needs. I can't imagine teaching U1000 now without a Peer Leader.
  - Bethany McCraw, Associate Dean for Student Conduct Administration

Peer leaders have been a central part of helping my students make a smoother transition to college than other Freshmen at Baylor. They not only help on a weekly basis but make genuine friendships that are very helpful when the "hard days" come after the first round of exams happen!
  - Dr. Randy Wood, Professor and Director, Center for Christian Education, Curriculum and Instruction

Note: if accepted as a New Student Experience Peer Leader, there is no need to apply separately to be a Welcome Week leader.