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In Their Own Words
"I have found that my leadership coursework has given me a mental "toolkit" that I can go to and pull out useful information about how to approach different circumstances. Also, I feel that my experiences have helped to draw better insight into various concepts covered in my leadership courses."

- Kristen Boxleitner, 2011 Academy Fellow

Frequently Asked Questions

Program Overview

What is the Fellow program?

The Fellow Program is an individual leadership program designed for students of any background or academic major who are interested in developing their leadership skills. Students pursue both the academic study of leadership as well as its practical and personal application in the community. Based on the Social Change Model of Leadership, the Fellow program gives students the opportunity to discover the impact they can have to affect change and make a difference as leaders.

Once a student successfully completes the program requirements, a student is recognized by the Academy as a "Fellow" and receives the distinguished Academy medallion. Furthermore, Fellows of the Academy will have developed a portfolio of experiences that will help them showcase and articulate their leadership philosophy and their individual callings as leaders.

What are the benefits of the Fellow program?

  • One-on-one personal mentoring to guide you toward your leadership goals
  • Networking opportunities with other leaders on campus and in the community
  • Access to e-portfolio system to help you synthesize, articulate, and share your leadership development with future employers or graduate school
  • Capstone Community Engaged Leadership project gives you experience working in the community and can be a valuable hands-on project to showcase your leadership skills
  • Recognition as an Academy Fellow, and receive the distinguished Academy medallion

How is the Fellow program different from Lead LLC?

While both the Fellow program and the Leadership Living & Learning Center (Lead LLC) are programs designed to help students grow and emerge as leaders on campus. With both programs, students have access to mentoring, opportunities to get involved in the community, and to develop and grow as leaders. The Lead LLC is a residential living & learning center which serves first-year students. Students live, study, and serve together. Students are eligible to apply to the Fellow program during their freshman or sophomore year and participate throughout the remainder of their college career. The Fellow program is non-residential and is more individualized. Students have the flexibility and the freedom to pursue their individual interests and personalized leadership goals. The requirements and expectations differ for each program, so research both to explore which one is the right fit for you.

I am in Lead LLC. Can I still participate in the Fellow program?

Yes. Many students choose to participate in the Lead LLC their first year and then apply for the Fellow program their second year. Students can also co-enroll in both Lead LLC and the Fellow program as first-year students. In both cases, the courses required for Lead LLC (LDS 1301 and CCS 1100) count toward the Fellow requirements, so the programs fit together nicely.

Application Process & Timeline

How do I apply for the Fellow program?

The Fellow program works on a rolling admission process. Students can apply to the Fellow program at any time throughout the year. The application is available online at the Academy website: Interviews may be required before acceptance decisions are made. Once accepted, students will be invited to an orientation session and eligible to attend the annual Fellow retreat.

Interest sessions are generally held each fall and spring semester and are a great way to learn more about the program before applying. For dates of the next interest session, check the online Academy calendar or contact the office at ext 3100.

When should I apply for the Fellow program?

For maximum benefit from the Fellow program, students should apply during their first or second years. This allows you flexibility in planning to meet the course requirements and to take full advantage of program offerings. Juniors and seniors are eligible to apply. Close consideration will be given, though, to whether they can successfully complete the program and course requirements.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Students can apply at any time throughout the year. In order to be eligible to attend the fall retreat, applications must be submitted by September 15th. Applications received after that time will be processed and reviewed for acceptance for the spring semester.

Program Requirements

What are the program requirements?

Academic Courses

Required courses(9 hr)

  • LDS 1301: Leadership Development (3 hr)
  • CCS 1100: Servant Leadership (1 hr)
  • LDS 3V01: Community Engaged Leadership Practicum* (2 hr)
  • LDS 4398: Advanced Leadership (3 hr)

Electives (3 hr)

  • LDS 2301: Vocational Calling & Leadership
  • MGT 4305: Organizational Leadership
  • GTX 3350: Great Texts in Leadership
  • * required for Fellows entering 2011-12 academic year or later

    Co-Curricular Components

    • 50 hour Community Engaged Leadership Project*
    • Annual Fellow Retreat*
    • Annual Leadership Assessment*
    • Semester One-on-Ones*
    • Community Chat Series
    • Leadership Lecture Series
    • *will be incorporated into LDS 3V01: Practicum

    What academic courses do I have to take?

    Required Courses (9 hrs)

    • LDS 3V01: Leadership Development
    • CCS1100: Servant Leadership (1 hr)
    • LDS 3V01: Community Engagement Internship (2hr)
    • LDS 4398: Advanced Leadership Theory

    Elective (Choose One, 3 hrs)

    • LDS 2301: Vocation Specific Leadership
    • GTX 3350: Great Texts in Leadership
    • MGT 4305: Organizational Leadership and Change

    Academy Fellows are encouraged to minor in Leadership. All Fellow courses count toward 18 hrs required for the Leadership Minor. For more information on the minor, please contact the Academy.

    What are the requirements for the Community Engagement project? How do I get started?

    One of the key elements of the Fellow program is the opportunity to design and complete a 50 hour Community Engaged Leadership project. This project is the opportunity for you to apply your leadership skills to meet a specific need in the community. You will work closely with a community partner to design and implement the project. You will also take LDS 3V01 Community Engaged Leadership Practicum course as part of the project that will allow you to reflect, share, and discuss your experiences on the project.

    You will have guidance and support throughout this project, both in choosing a project, and as you make progress on completing it. This project is an incredible opportunity to work closely with community partners and professionals in an area of interest to you. We want it to be a valuable experience for you in terms of discovering who you are as a leader and to be an opportunity for the agency to benefit from your gifts, knowledge, and training.

    How do I choose a project?

    This project should go beyond direct service volunteer work to apply your specific gifts, knowledge, and skills to meet a specific need of the agency.

    Suggested types of projects include: Research projects (e.g. program evaluation studies, data analysis), community needs assessments (e.g. development & implementation of survey), technical projects (e.g. preparing a report on best practices, marketing plan, website/ social media development, etc.), special events coordination & implementation (e.g. fundraiser/ friendraising events, educational components), and new program pilots (e.g. development of pilot curriculum or creating clearinghouse of resources).

    Choosing a project can be a daunting task, but we are here to help. Brainstorm issues that matter the most to you education, healthcare, poverty, homelessness, domestic violence, animal rights. What areas have you already been involved in? Your one-on-one mentoring meetings are great time to talk through the answers to these questions and to explore different possibilities.

    There will also be an approved project list available on the website, with project ideas submitted by different agencies. You can browse the list and explore those possibilities as well. Even if you choose a project from the list, you will still have the chance to personalize the project as you meet with the community partner. Both you and the community partner will outline goals and responsibilities and agree on the definite shape the project will take.

    The Community Chat Series is also designed to bring in speakers from different community agencies. It can be a great way to learn about some of the exciting work in the community and help you identify some areas of interest.

    Am I required to attend the Leadership Lecture Series & Community Chat events?

    Fellow candidates are strongly encouraged to attend the Leadership Lecture Series and Community Chat events. These events are designed to introduce you to established leaders who are actively working to make a difference. Our Leadership Lecture Series brings in regional, national, and global leaders from a variety of contexts. These speakers bring leadership to life as they share their experience and wisdom with you. The Community Chat series brings in professionals from our local community to talk on relevant issues such as education, homelessness, poverty and more. You will have the opportunity to dialogue with these leaders and explore ways that you can get involved.

    What happens if I fall behind or can't fulfill the requirements?

    Each semester, Fellow candidates will have a one-on-one mentoring meeting with the Associate Director. These informal conversations will be the opportunity to discuss your plans, to set goals, to talk through challenges, and to explore areas of interests. Sometimes we get too busy to reflect on our experiences and think about the big picture. The goal of these meetings is to be intentional about having these conversations and guiding you as you actively work toward becoming the leader that God created you to be.

    These meetings will hopefully help keep you on track to fulfilling your requirements and making progress toward your goals. If students can no longer meet requirements, are not actively participating in the program, or cannot continue for any reason, they will need to officially withdraw from the program.

    Students who have plans to study abroad or be off-campus for a semester can continue in the program, as long as they make arrangements with the Associate Director in advance.

    Students who do not officially withdraw but remain inactive may be suspended from the program and become disqualified.

    Leadership Studies Minor

    If I participate in the Fellow program, am I required to minor in Leadership?

    Fellow candidates are not required to minor in Leadership. However, all the Fellow courses count toward the Leadership minor, so the minor becomes an added academic credential on your transcript showcasing your academic and practical study of leadership. The Fellow program can give you 12 hours toward the 18 hours required for the minor, so Fellow candidates have a great start toward the added credential.

    If I minor in Leadership, am I required to participate in the Fellow program?

    Leadership minors are not required to participate in the Fellow program. However, the Fellow program provides access to additional resources and opportunities to apply your leadership skills. Fellow candidates design and implement a 50 hour Community Engaged Leadership project, working hands-on with a community partner. The Fellow program also provides one-on-one mentoring, networking opportunities, and access to special events.

    Do the Fellow requirements count toward the minor in Leadership Studies?

    Yes. All coursework for the Fellow program counts toward the minor in Leadership Studies. The minor becomes an added academic credential on your transcript showcasing your academic and practical study of leadership. The Fellow program can give you 12 hours toward the 18 hours required for the minor, so Fellow candidates have a great start toward the added credential.