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Leadeship Courses

CCS 1100 Servant Leadership
This course explores the concept of servant leadership through the work of Robert Greenleaf, a pioneer in this field. Through service-learning projects, guest lecturers and community leader interviews, students will be exposed to a multitude of leadership styles and philosophies. Students will have the opportunity to develop an understanding of servant leadership and how that fits into the local and global communities.

LDS 1301 Introduction to Leadership
Leadership Development provides insight into a student's leadership strengths and developmental needs. It prepares students for leadership positions, focusing on topics such as a philosophy of leadership, the role of power and authority in leadership and goal setting for leadership development.

GTX 3350 Great Text in Leadership
article: Reading Greats for Leadership
This course is an undergraduate seminar devoted to an examination of leaders and the virtues of leadership as found in the Great Texts. Students will read selections from the Bible, Aristotle, Cicero, Plutarch, St. Thomas Aquinas, Pascal, Machiavelli, Dickens, Hardy, Bernanos, Conrad, O'Connor and others.

MGT 4305 Principled Leadership
This course studies foundational principles of leadership. Special attention is given to the following questions: What difference will your life make? What legacy will you leave as a leader? How can you use your unique gifts and talents to influence positive change in business and your community? What are you doing now that will influence your impact on others tomorrow? Who or what will you serve? Theoretical understanding, application of concepts and skill development will be utilized.

LDS 4398 Advanced Leadership
Prerequisites: LDS 1101, CCS 1100 and either GTX 3350 or MGT 4305.
Advanced Leadership is the capstone course for students participating in the Academy Fellow Program.