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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the "Academy" an academic program?

No. The "Academy" is a co-curricular program that also informs students about curricular offerings in leadership at Baylor. While the "Academy" does coordinate the selection and training of instructors for LDS 1101 (housed in the Hankamer School of Business), it does not have its own faculty or grant degrees. Students who elect to participate in the Academy's Fellows Program take courses already offered through academic units at Baylor.

What does "civic engagement" mean?

Civic engagement refers to having a heightened responsibility for one's community, including participating actively in public life, being an agent of social change, developing informed and empathetic perspectives on social issues, and/or taking on leadership roles -- all in an effort to benefit the common good.

What is the difference between civic engagement and community service?

Civic engagement focuses on a long-term strategy to effect systemic change. Developmental organizations such as the Christian Women's Job Corps or Mission Waco are examples of civic engagement. Community service primarily refers to short-term projects meant to provide immediate relief or assistance. Relief organizations such as the Salvation Army or Red Cross are good examples of community service efforts.