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Lead LLC Program Overview

First Year Student Commitments

  1. Engaging in a cohort class experience:
    Leadership Development in the Fall and Leadership and Social Change in the Spring.
  2. Attendance at three Academy Leadership Lectures each semester, which is part of the course curriculum.
  3. Attendance at the retreat each semester.
  4. Participation in a mentor group each week of 7-10 students led by returning LEAD-LLC students.
  5. Community service participation each semester.

Returning Students

Students leading students to make a positive impact upon others. This is the guiding framework of the Leadership Living and Learning Center (LEAD-LLC), which has become a student-led program. Returning students in the LEAD-LLC have the opportunity to direct and develop critical components of the first-year student leadership experience. Positions for returning students offer upperclassmen the opportunity to engage in leading peers, mentoring first-year students, and working closely with faculty, staff, and the Waco community.

LLC Teams

  • Community Team
    This team plans various events and activities for LEAD students to foster relationships and growth within the LEAD community.

  • Service Team
    The Service Team coordinates various service events for LEAD students, providing opportunities for them to practice what leadership is truly about.

  • Public Relations Team The PR Team is responsible for promoting all LEAD events through various means, including taking pictures or creating videos and fliers. They also plan monthly LEAD Nights.

  • Mentor Team
    Members of the Mentor Team facilitate weekly mentor group meetings with LEAD students to discuss various aspects of leadership and social issues, and help form meaningful relationships.

  • Community Leader Team
    Community Leaders are responsible for maintaining hall procedures and safety. They assist in times of crisis, and work with the Community Team to cultivate meaningful relationships.

  • Administrative Team
    This team is charged with the �behind the scenes� tasks, such as organizing information and facilitating dialogue between different aspects of the program.

  • Projects Director
    The Projects Director helps with developing new initiatives within the program, and works closely with our Program Director, Shelton Lewis, to create relevant and meaningful experiences within LEAD.�

  • Assessment Director
    The Assessment Director gathers information to evaluate the program, taking data from various perspectives including students, faculty, staff, and community partners.�