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What is a Living-Learning Center?

Campus Living & Learning seeks to create vibrant, active, spiritual learning communities in the residence halls by positively supporting students' educational and social experiences at Baylor. The creation of learning communities within the residence halls is a foremost priority for CL&L.

This will be accomplished through formalized partnerships with academic units, such as the development of Living-Learning Centers which is a residential program that has a direct partnership with a specific academic program in which there is a separate admission process, residents share common courses and other academic services are provided on site, such as faculty offices and enhanced academic programming opportunities.

Research on living-learning communities has indicated such programs help students earn higher grades, become more satisfied with their college or university, have greater interaction with faculty and engage more often in academic related conversations with peers.

Living-Learning Centers are intentional about bringing together the social and academic forces at work shaping Baylor students. A Living-Learning Center offers students a dynamic educational and campus experience by placing them among peers with similar academic and vocational interests.

Believing that learning happens best in community, LEAD-LLC men will live together in Allen Residence Hall. LEAD-LLC women live together in adjacent Dawson Residence Hall.

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