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Program Overview

The Fellow Program is an individual leadership program designed for students of any background or academic major who are interested in developing their leadership skills. Students pursue both the academic study of leadership as well as its practical and personal application in the community. Based on the Social Change Model of Leadership, the Fellow program gives students the opportunity to discover the impact they can have to affect change and make a difference as leaders.

Once a student successfully completes the program requirements, a student is recognized by the Academy as a "Fellow" and receives the distinguished Academy medallion. Furthermore, Fellows of the Academy will have developed a portfolio of experiences that will help them showcase and articulate their leadership philosophy and their individual callings as leaders.

Academic Coursework (12 hr)

  • LDS 1301: Leadership Development*
  • CCS 1100: Servant Leadership (1 hr)*
  • LDS 3V01: Community Engagement Practicum (2hr)*
  • LDS 4398: Advanced Leadership*
  • LDS 2301: Vocational Calling & Leadership
  • GTX 3350: Great Texts in Leadership
  • MGT 4305: Organizational Leadership & Change
  • *required courses, All LDS courses count toward Leadership Minor

Co-Curricular Components

  • 50 hour Community Engagement Leadership Practicum (LDS 3V01)*
  • Annual Fellow Retreat*
  • Annual Leadership Assessment*
  • Semester One-on-one Mentoring*
  • Monthly Skill Meetings
  • Community Chat Series
  • Leadership Lecture Series
  • E-portfolio of Leadership Development*
  • *required elements

Benefits of the Fellow Program

  • One-on-one personal mentoring
  • Professional networking opportunities on campus and in the community
  • Access to e-portfolio to help you synthesize, articulate, and share your leadership development with others
  • Capstone Civic Engagement Leadership project to develop, apply, and showcase your leadership skills
  • Recognition as an Academy Fellow with the distinguished Academy medallion