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Getting Started

The Academy of Leader Development & Civic Engagement was established in 2004 by the Division of Student Life at Baylor University to create a common place where diverse individuals studying, researching or practicing leadership in the context of a Christian worldview will benefit from collaboration. The purpose of fostering greater synergy among "leadership thinkers" is guided by an aspiration to provide a meaningful forum for talented Baylor students to develop their strengths in preparation for answering a call to sustained leadership in whatever their chosen vocations, whether they are service in public life, private enterprise, social issues, or the Church.

The Academy for Leader Development & Civic Engagement Fellow Program is designed for students of any background or academic major interested in the concept of leadership. Prior to submitting an application for the Fellow Program, please be advised that it is expected that the applicant:

  1. has carefully reviewed and understands the expectations of the Fellow Program.
  2. has a sustained interest in the theoretical and practical applications of leadership.
  3. is a full-time undergraduate student with a commitment to academic success.
    • A cumulative grade point average of 3.0 is preferred.

The Academy believes all human beings, regardless of race, gender or ethnicity have the capacity to lead and influence the world so we welcome applicants from all diverse backgrounds.