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Our Programs

At the Academy, we seek to create programs that will provide meaningful growth opportunities in the areas of leadership and citizenship. Our desire is to engage students, faculty/staff and community partners in dialogue and engagement that transmits learning in and outside of the classroom.

We approach these opportunities with a three step model that offers optimal transformation for the student.

Step 1: Prepare - Students receive training specifically designed to prepare them for leadership. This preparation includes reading about the subject, researching demographics of a community, interviewing leaders and creating a strategy of engagement.

Step 2: Engage - Engagement is hands-on-work that gives students the opportunity to put their learning into action. Depending on the time frame and complexity of the project, some projects may require more preparation than others.

Step 3: Reflect - Research has shown that reflection is where change begins. This step is vital if transformation is to occur. Our hope is that students who once perceived social issues as someone else's responsibility will become an agent of change for a more just world. Reflection leads to the need for more preparation and the cycle of learning begins again.

Academy Programs

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