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Ranked third in the nation for advocacy by US News and World Report, Baylor Law School is a professional school that combines theory with practice and nurtures a commitment to service and responsibility. Established in 1857, Baylor is centrally located in Waco, Texas, on the banks of the Brazos River. Every year, Baylor Law students achieve one of the highest bar passage rates in the country and enjoy an excellent career placement rate. Law firms, courts, and government agencies recognize that graduates of Baylor Law are equipped with the problem-solving techniques and practical, hands-on lawyering skills necessary for success in the workplace.

As a professional school, Baylor Law School has a particular obligation to develop students who have the character, maturity, skills, and values needed to provide legal services competently to their clients upon graduation and to assume leadership within one's community and profession. To meet this obligation, the School of Law introduces students to those basic legal principles that serve as the foundation for our system of justice; develops in students the core lawyering skills of clear thinking, writing, and speaking; provides students experience using this knowledge and skill to perform a reasonable range of lawyering tasks; and exposes students to the history, traditions, and values of the legal profession.

Meeting the obligation of preparing students to assume their responsibilities within our honorable profession and to follow the call of service is the principal mission of Baylor Law School.

Baylor Law is committed to being one of the smallest law schools in the nation. With a total student body around 400, we are able to offer more personalized attention to each student.

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