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Welcome to Waco! Now that you’re coming to school here, it’s time to find a place to call home. Most visitors to Baylor perceive Waco to be the area right around campus. In fact, the vast majority of the city sits to the west of I-35, with only the campus and a sliver more housing to the east of I-35.

While you’ll find scores of housing around campus, many law students prefer to avoid the undergraduate scene during their time here and opt for a quieter complex away from campus. We encourage you to think carefully about what you need in a home and prioritze your needs before you begin the search. Cost, proximity to the law school, neighborhood, safety.

Some students’and not just those with spouses or children’choose to purchase in Waco. It’s an outstandingly inexpensive city to live in, and a very easy place to buy a starter home. Oftentimes, you can get a mortgage that’s less than the cost of rent, so you may want to consider this as an option as well.

Online Resources:

Baylor University Housing Guide
Bear Cribs
Waco Craigslist
Waco Trib

Beyond Baylor

Beyond the more typical housing options you’d find through various campus realtors, we wanted to introduce you to some alternatives. These are not recommendations of the spaces themselves or their management. Rather, they stand out as interesting places to live if you want to move beyond campus, but don’t want a typical apartment complex.

Terrace Gardens, near 4th and Waco Drive
Duplexes on Bagby, from 12th to 18th Streets
Palm Court, on Austin Avenue near 20th Street

GSM Properties Limited: This management company rents a variety of places on Austin Avenue. You can reach them at 254.753.7360 or visit them in person at 2524 Austin Avenue.


With the revitalization of downtown, Waco now has a variety of loft living options. Before choosing a loft, we recommend you speak with current tenants about the noise level, parking issues, and electricity bills. Not all lofts have adequate insulation, which results hot summers, cold winters, and noisy neighbors.

Waco Loft Living


Waco has some vibrant neighborhoods to consider, particularly if you have a spouse and children that will be joining you here. Castle Heights, Sanger Heights, Mountainview, Brookview, and Richland Hills are all popular with Baylor Law students and faculty. For a full map of neighborhoods and more information on Waco’s neighborhood associations, visit here.


Many like to extend their search beyond the city limits to include Hewitt, Woodway, McGregor, Robinson, and China Spring. Hewitt and Robinson are the closest suburbs, about 15 to 20 minutes from the school. Woodway tends to be a bit more expensive and is a bit farther drive, but is filled with trees and hills. McGregor is located on Waco Drive/Hwy 84 beyond Hewitt and Woodway, and it has a small-town feel. China Spring is northwest of town and has lots of countryside and space mixed in with new construction.

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