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Capture and Add images to word

If you see an image that you would like to embed in a document, the method is fairly easy and can be done with purchasing specialized software. Please remember that images are protected under Intellectual Property laws, so it is your responsibility to ensure that you are not violating those laws.

There are many different image editing programs available for free and for purchase. One that can be used is irfanview available at

Also, this method can be used to embed captured images into almost any document whether Microsoft Office or others. For this example, Microsoft Internet Explorer, irfanview and Microsoft Word will be used. The methods will almost be the same for other similar software.

Open Internet Explorer and navigate to the site with the desired image. Press the "Alt" key and the "Print Screen" key at the same time to capture that particular window. Open irfanview and click the "Ctrl" and the "C" keys to paste the capture image into irfanview.

Using your mouse, click and drag around the desired image.

Press the "Ctrl" and "Y" keys to "crop" the selected image out of the larger image.

Save the image by pressing the "S" key, entering a file name and location and clicking the "Save" button.

Close irfanview, open the folder in which you saved the image and open Word.

Drag the image you wish to embed in the Word document and drag it into the document.

Once it is in word you can manipulate the image in several ways. Some ways include positioning the image (centered),

enlarging the image by draging one of the corners which can cause the image to lose focus (pixelate),

rotate the image,

distort the image,

or even flip the image for a mirrored view.

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