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1836 Fest

Baylor Law School 2011 alumni Mikey Bernick, James Brown, and Bryce Duke love music, so much so that they created the 1836 Fest, a music festival that took place in Houston on March 8. About eight musical artists from Houston, Austin, and Dallas-Fort Worth performed on two stages at the event. Bernick wrote about the evolution of the 1836 Fest.

James, Bryce, and I were all classmates and great friends while at Baylor Law. During our Law School tenure, we learned that we all had a deep passion for music, which we expressed by attending numerous concerts and shows, crossing state lines to attend music festivals, entertaining our friends after-hours with guitars and banjos, and even writing a few lyrics about our time at Baylor Law.

After graduation, the group split. Bryce went to Tyler, James moved to Houston, and I stayed in Waco. In June 2013, James approached Bryce and me about starting a music festival. From that point, we heavily researched the feasibility, logistics, and economics of organizing a festival and decided that Houston would be the best place to hold the event. I transitioned to a different firm in September 2013, which landed me in Houston with James.

After encountering some initial roadblocks, we decided to partner with the folks that run Cottonwood so we could utilize their venue, staff, and expertise in organizing events. In late 2013, we booked our first band and that's when the entire thing became very real. Our social media focused marketing campaign launched in December 2013 and we never looked back.

The 1836 Fest team worked around-the-clock, outside of the law office, to obtain sponsors, artists, vendors, and permits. From legal documents to marketing art, we did everything ourselves.

On March 8, 2014, the dream became a reality as we had more than 1,300 people attend the 10-hour event.

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