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If you will be graduating in December or have already received your undergraduate degree, you should consider applying for admission to Baylor Law School's Spring entering class. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Regardless of when you start Baylor Law School, you will receive the same quality education and take the same first-year curriculum as those who start in the traditional Fall term.

  • You will have the opportunity to participate in clerkships, externships, and study abroad programs because there is flexibility built into the quarter system that you can utilize after you have completed your first year of law school. You are not solely restricted to taking off a Summer term; you can elect to take off a Fall, Summer, or Winter quarter.

  • You will benefit from a schedule with holiday breaks that allow you to catch your breath during your first year of law school. About four to five weeks after beginning law school, you will have a week off for Spring Break. You will have an opportunity during this week to catch up on your reading and outlining for classes along with taking some time off to rest. Another nice benefit is that you will have a week break after you have completed your first set of finals. You will value this much-needed break after you have completed your first set of finals and before your start your second quarter. At the end of the Summer (second quarter), you will have a four to five week break before the Fall quarter (third quarter) begins.

  • You can really expedite your law school career by starting in the spring and by completing your law school career in as few as 27 months (nine consecutive quarters). You will graduate at the end of your third spring term (April) and have the option to sit for the July Bar exam.

  • Waco, and Texas for that matter, are beautiful during the Spring, and there are many outdoor activities to enjoy before the heat of summer kicks in.


This is what the typical first-year curriculum looks like for our Spring starters. Students have the option continue with upper-class courses or take a break to clerk in the Winter.

LARC, Part I (1 hour)

Civil Procedure (4 hours)

Contracts I (4 hours)

TORTS I (4 hours)

Total Hours: 13 hours

LARC, Part II (1 hour)

Property I (4 hours)

Contracts II (4 hours)

Criminal Law (3 hours)

Torts II (3 hours)

Total: 15 hours

Appellate Advocacy & Procedure (2 hours)

Property II (3 hours)

LAPP (3 hours)

Criminal Procedure (3 hours)

Business and Financial Basics (2 hours)

Total: 13 hours

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