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These Baylor Lawyers know firsthand about the advantages of starting in the Spring. You can learn more about quarterly schedules by viewing our Day in the Life series.


Elliot Beck

"As an undergraduate student at Texas A&M, class sizes that at times breached 300 did not allow much opportunity for one-on-one time with professors. My interactions with Baylor Law faculty since starting in the spring of 2009 have been a complete departure from the anonymity of the large university system. Even during my first week, professors were always available after class or in their offices to expand on anything I didn't understand in that day's lesson. Everyone is accessible, no matter their position in the law school, and this accessibility is one of the best and truly unique features of Baylor Law."


Michelle Hanlon

"I am extremely happy with my decision to attend Baylor Law in the Spring over any other school. Instead of hiding books in the library, I have found that pages have been dog-eared when doing a library research assignment, a way of students helping each other know that you are on the right track when doing your research. Instead of receiving inaccurate notes from a classmate when I missed class while sick, I actually received extensive notes from not one, but two classmates without even asking. This is common for all students in all of my classes. The students at Baylor Law desperately want their classmates to succeed. Because each entering class is so small, my fellow Spring starters are more than just classmates; they are friends."


Desmond Jenkins

"The biggest advantage of being a Spring starter is the small class size. This has the inherent effect of making the professors that much more accessible to everyone. Every professor develops a personal relationship with every student. That allows a student to be more prepared to handle the course load of the first year law classes. I feel that my Baylor Law class is an extension of my family. There is not one person in my class who I would hesitate to call if I was in a situation of need. Although law school is temporary, the bonds that I have built with my Baylor Law Class will last for the rest of my life."
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