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Summer Starters
These students know first-hand about the advantages of starting in the summer. You can learn more about other students' quarterly schedules by viewing our Day in the Life series.

Robert Tsai

"The best thing about starting in the Summer was that it wasn't too overwhelming with the small class sizes. I could ease into law school and get to know my classmates. The intramural sand volleyball helped as well."

Trey Duck

"Baylor Law's quarter system not only allows students to start their legal educations early, but it is also ideal for someone who wants to take a few months off between undergraduate school and law school. Baylor Law's quarter system gives applicants the opportunity to apply for admission to a Spring and/or Summer entering class."

Amanda Neugebauer

"My classmates and I really had the chance to get to know each other well, both academically and personally and have been able to form friendships and study relationships that will last a lifetime. I also enjoyed the laidback atmosphere of the Summer, even though the workload was the same for Summer starters as it was for the Fall and Spring. With significantly fewer students taking class over the Summer, we were able to start law school in a more relaxed manner and really ease into our first years."

Cheryl Blount

"The summertime is amazing. Waco was made for a law student. There are no major distractions, but there is just enough going on to have something to do during downtime. Also, you can spend some of your time running the trails lining the city or hiking through Cameron Park.

The best aspect of starting in the summer is that I was able to become really close to all my fellow classmates because our entering class was so small."

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