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A Day in the Life of Luke Marrs

Hometown: Edgewood, New Mexico Undergrad: BS in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University Starting Quarter: Fall

Pre-Test Ritual: "The night before the exam I take a study break by walking to Cinnabon, thinking about the "forest, not just the trees," (the big picture of the upcoming exam) and enjoying a "Pecan-bon" and coffee."

Olympic Endeavors: An All-American javelin thrower during his undergraduate days, Luke was encouraged to train for the Olympics. "Before I became so involved in athletics, my plan was to go straight from college to law school. The opportunity to train for the Olympic Trials changed my focus and career choices. However, once I put that pursuit behind me and got into the medical device industry, thoughts of law school returned."

Job Force: Luke did not come to Law School immediately after graduation. He started working in the field of medical device sales and support. "It has made law school less intimidating. My role required that I be in surgery, coaching surgeons and staff on our equipment and troubleshooting issues. That experience helped me learn the value of daily preparation, and now I rarely arrive at class feeling unprepared. Selling in surgery was much more intense."

Free Time: "I watch my kids grow up. For example, recently we celebrated my oldest son's third birthday, and the theme was "Buzz Lightyear." He should have enough Buzz gear to get him to "infinity and beyond now!" Jimmy just turned five months old, and is just figuring out how to sit up. He is a big, happy baby. Aside from that, I still like to train for javelin. Trying to launch a spear as far as possible is about as far from studying as you can get!"

Clerks or Internships: Center for Healthcare Policy at Scott & White Hospital in Temple, TX

Why Baylor? THE REPUTATION. "Baylor's reputation attracted me because I want to have a "highly functional" law degree from a well-recognized school. The education is well thought of among the lawyers I know who have practiced with Baylor alumni. Having been in the job market for a few years, I know that practical skills are highly valued. Baylor, through its focus on Bar-required classes, advocacy, and courtroom skills will provide me a relevant and useful education. "

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