Day in the life of Amanda

A Day in the Life of Amanda Stephens

Hometown: La Mirada, California Undergrad: BA in Sociology and Biblical Studies from Biola University Starting Quarter: Spring

Unwinding: "I love to run. I try to run every day and have made friends with the Baylor cross-country and track teams. I volunteer to help with the teams when I have a chance."

Favorite Foods: Black tea or a good chai tea for a caffeine fix. Fruit or Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms for snacking.

Pre-test Ritual: "I wake up about two to three hours before the test and eat oatmeal and a banana." Carb loading is good for running and testing!

Student Organizations: International Justice Mission, Public Interest Legal Society, Women's Legal Society, Delta Theta Phi, Student Ambassador, Texas State Bar Representative for Baylor Law School. "I am currently the president of Baylor's chapter of the International Justice Mission. I have worked with the Baylor School of Social Work and the Waco Coalition Against Human Trafficking on human trafficking issues in the State of Texas. I was able to do an independent research project concerning Federal Human Trafficking Legislation."

Visiting Baylor Law: "I attended an Open House for admitted students where we visited a class and ate lunch with professors. This really helped me in my decision-making process because I was able to see how the students interacted with each other and also how the faculty felt about their students. I was impressed by the professors at Baylor and their accessibility, as well as their willingness to help students."

Practice Court: "I won't lie. Practice Court scares me. However, I would rather make my mistakes in law school than in the courtroom. I know it will prepare me for anything that is thrown at me in practice."

What I like Baylor Baylor Law: THE FACULTY. "Baylor faculty are extremely accessible and go above and beyond to help students. Once you decide what you like about the law, the teachers are willing to help you find opportunities to pursue those areas."

The facilities: "Baylor has a wonderful building, which makes hours of studying a little less painful. I especially enjoy sitting on the second floor of the library and looking out the windows over the river on a sunny day."

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