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A Day in the Life of Ronnie Turner
Hometown: Houston, Texas Undergrad: BA in Psychology from Lamar University Starting Quarter: Spring

Favorite Foods: Green apples and green tea (although he's on a jasmine berry kick right now) and Zummo Sausages from Beaumont (comfort food at it's best - order your own at

Unwinding: Playing basketball, bowling (an average of 220!), and grilling.

Pre-test ritual: 1. Sunflower seeds. 2. Clean legal paper. 3. Old notes. 4. Continuous blues courtesy of artists like John Lee Hooker and Lightning Hopkins. "I take all my original notes and create a fresh outline from them, writing down all the main topics and relevant issues throughout the notes. Then I write down one or two key words to really solidify the concept in my mind." Where do the sunflower seeds fit in, you ask? "I have to have something to do or I'll lose my concentration." The endless process of shelling sunflower seeds provides just enough hand-to-mouth distraction that, ironically, he can stay focused for hours on end.

Ronnie's pre-test sleep philosophy: Early to bed or all-nighters? Somewhere in between. "I usually get to bed around 1 or 2 am, but I like to sleep in until 9 am and get rolling by around 10 or 11."

More important than sleep? Running every day during finals

Weekends in Waco: "On Friday nights after tests, we'll grill steaks and chicken out by the pool and then hang out in the hot tub and chill out." No more law school-at least for 48 hours until Monday morning.

Fave things about Baylor Law: THE PROFESSORS. "I really love the professors," Ronnie says. Powell-"he's so no-nonsense." Wren-"this guy knows what he's talking about." Counsellor-"hilarious . . . I really enjoy his classes." Serr-"you can't leave his class without knowing everything he taught you."

The Challenge: "I like that Baylor has a reputation for being the hardest law school and that it actually is the hardest law school," Ronnie says. "If something's easy, I won't put that much effort into it. But when it's hard, I'll really push myself. Baylor made me push myself every day."

When did you know you wanted to be a trial lawyer? "My brother got in trouble with the law as a teenager. He had a sub-par defense lawyer and he got a much worse sentence than he deserved. From that point on, I knew that I wanted to be a lawyer who could defend my people and provide strong representation for anyone I worked with. Innocent until proven guilty, a fair trial, competent representation by legal counsel-these are vital rights of Americans. For me, it's about being the best advocate for any of my clients that I can be."

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