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Baylor and Waco are welcoming, supportive communities. As you juggle Torts, Contracts, and Civil Procedure, you'll find this support to be a welcome respite from the rigors of law school.

When choosing a law school, don't underestimate the value of community, both within the school itself and beyond its walls into the greater city area. Unlike Dallas, Houston, or Austin, Waco's size (approximately 120,000) creates a quiet, nurturing environment that will allow you to focus on learning.

The same is true for the microcosm of Baylor Law School. Here, with only about 400 students, you are a person, not a number. Your professors will know you by name.

Students who choose Baylor Law School find that Waco supports Baylor, Baylor supports Waco, and they'll both support you. You'll find Texas hospitality at its best. Baylor Law School prides itself on being competitive without being cut-throat. It pushes you to your limit but rewards you with a very justified sense of competence and confidence when you're through.

Rafael Rodriguez


Baylor Lawyer

"I have enjoyed the feel of the Baylor and Waco community. As a student, you really experience a sense of closeness between the students and also with the rest of the community. Running errands around Waco is never an all-day adventure, which is nice when you also have tons of reading to do."

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