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The Baylor Law School faculty members are an experienced group of scholars and practitioners, most with significant experience in full-time practice before joining the faculty. They are a group of people with scholarly expertise and also the perspective and wisdom of seasoned law professionals.

Students are encouraged to interact in and out of the classroom with our world-class faculty, most of whom maintain unrestricted hours for mentoring and student consultation. Lawyers are the guardians of justice and our free society; it is not a profession to take lightly. Baylor Law School faculty members see the job of training you to become the most competent, effective lawyer you can be as their personal duty and as their professional responsibility to you, to your future clients, and to society as a whole. In turn, they will set the bar high and will work with you to achieve no less than your very best on every case, negotiation, or brief.

Pete Kerr


Baylor Lawyer

"All of the professors I've had have amazed me with the amount of knowledge they have and the amount they've contributed to shaping the law. Professor Featherston has written part of the Texas Probate Code. It's an honor to be taught by professors like that. When you have professors that have written legislation, won the biggest verdicts in the state, and have been published more than John Grisham, you don't have to question if they're teaching you the right way or leaving anything out."

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