Baylor Law School performs well on the Texas Bar Exam. Look below to see our outstanding bar passage rates.
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High Bar Passage Rate

Baylor Law School has earned the reputation as one of the most rigorous law schools in the nation. It's true. We expect much of our students, because we know much will be expected of them in practice from their employers and clients. Because we challenge our students throughout the program, they are not only better prepared for the realities of practice but are also well-prepared for the bar exam, which is required for the practice of law. Baylor Law School students have an unsurpassed record of success on the Texas Bar Exam and have equal success on other state bar exams.

Reasons For the Unmatched Success Rate

    • Dedicated Faculty Members

    • Outstanding Students

    • Broad-Based Yet Focused Curriculum

    • Theory + Practical Skills Training

    • Supportive Environment

    • Rigorous Program

Dean Brad Toben



"We all work together toward a common goal of best preparing our students for the practice of law. Our success in doing so makes Baylor Law School a venerable institution with a very felt presence in all the venues in which we work and serve as faculty members and lawyers."

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