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Students can broaden the scope of their legal training by studying abroad. They may choose to participate in the study abroad program ofany ABA-accredited law school. Additionally, Baylor Law School offers an international program in conjunction with St Andrews in Scotland. For more information about the Academy of the Advocate, click here.

Elliot Beck's Study Abroad Experience

Eliott Beck2

Elliot Beck participated in the University of Miami's study abroad program. Word of mouth has been the best marketing toolfor this program's success in Waco, as Baylor Law School students who travel with the school often come home with rave reviews, and Beck is no exception.

He describes the experience as "one of the greatest of my life." Beck participated in the Middle Europe trip, studying comparative immigration law and policy in Eastern Europe. He appreciated that the trip was designed in such a way that many of the locations visited by the students were "a bit off the beaten path," but became some of his "favorite places on earth."

Places the students visited included Slovenia, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. Most of the countries visited by these students were at one time occupied by both the Nazis and the U.S.S.R., some as recently as 1993.

"This provided us an amazing opportunity to not only learn the history but actually speak with people who'd lived through it," Beck said.

Beck enjoyed the educational but laid-back atmosphere of the trip and said he would recommend the program to any law student.

"It was a wonderful chance to get out in the world and do some hands-on learning," Beck said. Like many of the other students, Beck also said the trip was an opportunity to interact and network with other law students and professors, especially from outside of Texas. He brought back lessons he will not soon forget, discovered inside and outside of the classroom.

"One great thing I learned from this trip was how easily it is for people, even in modern times, to oppress or be oppressed by others," he said, "Often we think of terrible historical events as too far removed from our reality, but traveling to these countries, speaking with their people and seeing the results of oppression first hand were very eye-opening." It is because of these insights learned while abroad that Beck has been inspired to focus his law practice on the protection of the oppressed or discriminated against in the United States.

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