Practicing attorneys consider research and writing to be two of the most valuable skills needed by new attorneys.
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Legal Writing Program

Well-written legal analysis, research, and communication are absolutely essential to practicing law successfully. Practicing attorneys consider research and writing to be two of the most valuable skills needed by new attorneys to gain and keep legal employment. In recognition of the importance of these skills, Baylor Law School has expanded its Legal Analysis, Research and Communication program to ensure that students not only learn but master these crucial skills. Throughout the first and second years of law school, you will receive instruction on legal research, analysis, and writing from full-time professors. In the second and third years, you put what you've learned to practical use by drafting memoranda and appellate briefs.

Legal Analysis, Research and Communications (LARC)

Legal Analysis, Research and Communications will be completed over 2 years. In this course, students learn fundamentals in important aspects of legal writing and problem-solving, including: (1) legal organization (issue, law, application, and rebuttal), (2) legal clarity (sensitivity to legal terms of art, statutory phrases, and elements of proof), and (3) legal specificity (always tying general legal principles and elements to particular facts of the case). Students also receive instruction in legal research and citation.

LARC, Part I focuses primarily on the basics of drafting a memorandum of law using case analysis, along with instruction about researching and citing cases. Students complete two memoranda during the first quarter of LARC.

LARC, Part II focuses on statutory analysis and forms of legal writing in addition to memoranda of law and several legal research topics. During the second quarter of LARC, students complete a research memorandum and a final major research project.

LARC, Part III is Appellate Advocacy and Procedure, which is an introduction to appellate advocacy in which students research and write an appellate brief and participate in a required oral advocacy exercise.

LARC, Parts IV and V are second-year courses that focus on professional business correspondence and drafting in litigation.

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