Baylor Law School has long understood the value of combining both theory and practice within its curriculum.
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Law school should not be about just theory or just practice. It's about combining theory and practice. If all law school programs last about three years (although you can finish Baylor Law School in only 27 months with its unique quarter system), then it seems that at least one component would get short shrift in the classroom. Here's why it doesn't at Baylor Law School: we teach throughout the full 27 months. Most law schools cover theory in the first year, and then the curriculum significantly eases for the second and third years. At Baylor Law School, the workload becomes more challenging as each quarter progresses. As Baylor Lawyer Eric Policastro says, "Baylor Law is not for the faint of heart or the mentally weak."

The American Bar Association recently added a practical component to its curriculum requirements. While other schools scramble to develop relevant programs, Baylor Law School has long understood the value of combining both theory and practice in the curriculum. Baylor Law School continues to sharpen its award-winning Practice Court program and its intense, one-on-one Capstone program.

Our small class sizes, experienced faculty, and practical curriculum will provide you with numerous opportunities to develop and sharpen the skills you will need as a practicing attorney. The best result of combining theory and practice? Around 95 percent of our students pass the bar on the first try, consistently making Baylor Law School number one in bar passage rate in Texas.

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